Getting to live my dream

I am a School Principal in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been involved in a range of different teaching and mentoring experiences over the years and have just started on the most exciting of all: I am part of the foundation staff reimagining education. We have the chance to create global citizens by starting in our local communities. This blog will follow my adventures and thoughts as these explorations continue.

For smaller, more regular updates you can also follow me on twitter: @GeoMouldey. You can also check out our amazing school on https://www.age.school.nz/

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3 thoughts on “About

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  3. Hi Steve. I’m wondering if you are the teacher who invited me & my WCC colleagues to Wellington High School in about 2010 or so to facilitate a student deliberation about the Town Belt. If so, and if you are still interested in deliberative democracy, I’d be grateful to reconnect at some stage. I’m no longer at WCC. Si

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