Points to Ponder from Day 2 of ICOT 2013

For the next few days I will be uploading posts that have questions or points to ponder from ICOT 2013. As this is all happening from a mobile device they may not have links attached all the time but I will try to point you in the right direction.

Ewan McIntosh was the morning keynote and these are the main thinking points that I took away with me:

  • There are 4 commonalities to great learning. 1. Know the why 2. Provocation 3. Trust the process 4. Live to perform
  • Get rid of the pseudoproblems – deal with real life situations as learning contexts
  • Fieldtrips as CSI rather than guided guessing tours
  • Ensure inquiry questions are non-googleable
  • When questioning students look to Pose (the question), Pause (10 seconds plus), Pounce (ask someone) and Bounce (choose others to answer or get them to ask further questions of each other)
  • How often do you give your students the opportunity to perform

Mark Osborne

  • Each year our students are different so our lessons should be different to meet their needs
  • A leader is the person who grows the leaders around them
  • How do you share the learning of your teachers?
  • Do you have the travelling mindset? Look at the small things – they may be the key to improvement you are searching for


  •  Are there subject specific differences in different aspects of thinking?

Visible Thinking – Project Zero

  • how do you document the thinking that occurs in your classes?
  • Do you have thinking routines?
  • How often do you give parents the opportunity to engage in thinking in your school?
  • What are our students becoming as a result of spending time with us?

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