Friday at ICOT

Some emerging thinking prompts from the final day at ICOT

Edward de Bono and John Edwards

A new word to use frequently: ebne (excellent but not enough)
90% of errors in thinking are errors of perception
Humour indicates brain is working as a patterning system
Even openess can block you from exploring other paths as you choose some far off point and ignore other possibilities
Minister for Thinking – an idea that could change the world and see thinking taken seriously
Far richer to work with multiple definitions of a term than one ‘true’ definition
Do not teach a new thinking skill in an overpowering context – they will not remember the skill

Ewan McIntosh

Lots you can do to kill and create innovation, it is attitudinal
Are your comments No or Go for the innovators in your organisation?
Say “yes and…” rather than “yes, but…” to aide innovation
Pitch (rather than present) your innovation to leaders in the school
Start pitch with values before the idea – Im trying to achieve… then after all that you give the idea

David Perkins

Alertness is something we really need to work on as we cultivate people’s thinking
Dont give people a pile of thinking organisers, give them a way to think about what they are using
Really young kids can grab on to these thinking strategies
How do we grapple with our contrary thinking dispositions?

Over the next few days I will go back over my last few dates and add in links that go with the speakers and my reflective prompts.


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