Year 10 Inquiry Questions (Hopefully Ungoogleable)

Our Year 10 class are studying how societies in the past have influenced modern times. To start this topic we focused on the Vikings for 2 weeks and looked at their contributions to law systems, marine technology and navigation. Now we are going to break up into an Inquiry phase based upon student interests around this theme. I gave the class the question development guide outlined here and these are the inquiry questions that they came up with (hopefully ungoogleable):

  • Has religion had a positive effect on society, and what would life be like without religion?
  • How did the gaming economy become what it is today?
  • How has the Victorian era influenced society today?
  • How did the French revolution affect the world?
  • How did Hitler’s actions impact on our lives today?
  • How does consumerism affect America?
  • What events in the past have made [student’s name] the way she is now? And how or why does this make her different?
  • How does the formation of the Soviet Union impact modern society?

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