A New Adventure

I have just accepted a new job that will see me off an exciting adventure – Specialised Learning Leader at Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

Two things really appealed about the school to me: 1) the chance to help shape a new school & 2) their exciting vision as seen below:

Vision: To create a stimulating, inclusive learning environment which empowers learners to contribute confidently and responsibly in our changing world

Mission: Innovate, Engage, Inspire

The Senior Leadership Team have been in place since the start of this year and have put together an exciting and inspiring foundation for the next level of us joining next term to build on. The SLT are: Maurie AbrahamClaire AmosDi CavalloLea Vellenoweth and their journey can be seen on Claire and Lea’s blogs: http://www.teachingandelearning.com/ and http://lea72.blogspot.co.nz/

I am really excited to be moving back into a curriculum leadership position, especially at a school that is really looking to embrace learning as I feel it should be. Inquiry based learning, teachers collaborating, community based projects, all those things that make learning authentic and relevant for students.

I know some of the other teachers coming on board next term and am really looking forward to working with them (and meeting other new inspiring teachers) to develop the school. It is sad to move on from the students and my colleagues at Takapuna Grammar School but the future looks like an exciting adventure with a great team!


3 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Sounds exciting, Steve. Pretty daunting at the same time but definitely exciting! Must have been hard to leave the view from your workroom, though. All the best:)

  2. Congratulations Steve! It sounds like it will be an amazing place to work at. I look forward to following your journey.

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