Guerrilla Geography Day Past & Future: November 7th

Hope you all join in on this awesome day!

The Guerrilla Geography Project 2014: Misplaced

Join us for #GuerrillaGeographyDay on November 7th as we explore how places have looked in the past and how they may look in the future


Taking part could involve you:

  • showing people what places used to look like in the past

  • transforming places to show what planned redevelopments will mean

  • creating imaginary futures for places


Here’s a list of actions that you could take:

1. Place images of the past in the places the images are of

2. Create artworks showing the past, present and possible future of that place and exhibit them somehow (see for some inspiration for this)

3. Draw field sketches from the future of a site from one of your field trips or a place near your school so that the whole class can compare their sketches and discuss what they have imagined

4. Create a temporal map of your local area or…

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