Readings We Have Found Useful

Last week the Leaders of Learning shared the readings that have most influenced our thoughts over the last term for the new staff in our team. Just realised this might be of interest to others so here are all the books/reports etc. that we shared:

Hidden Lives of Learners by Graham Nuthall

Disciplining and Drafting or 21st Century Learning by Rachel Bolstad & Jane Gilbert

The Big Picture by Dennis Littky

One Kid at a Time by Eliot Levine

Student-Centered Leadership by Viviane Robinson

The Elephant in the Classroom: Helping Children Learn and Love Maths by Jo Boaler

PBL Handbook by BIE

Mindset: How you can fulfil your potential by Carol Dweck

The Element by Ken Robinson

Changing the Odds for Student Success by Bryan Goodwin

The reading into Design Thinking that our SLL team had done which I have previously highlighted in this post

Hope this helps!


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