What If money was no object for your classes this term?


It’s happened: you have an unlimited budget for your classes just for the next term. What do you change?

What experiences do you add in to make the most of this opportunity?

World class guest speakers?

Ultimate field trip?

Hire experts to work alongside your students – graphic designers to amp up the look of their work? Scientists and engineers to consult over whether their ideas could work? Programmers to teach students how to build that awesome website/app/game?

Write your ideas down now!

Image by Sean MacEntee

Image by Sean MacEntee

Now, of course, the unlimited budget is gone (sorry!). These ideas could still happen in some form couldn’t they?

How could you get some of those same experiences for your students? Virtual tours of the Smithsonian rather than flying there to see it? Skype or GHO experts instead of flying them in? Work out a partnership with a local business that gets you access to a graphic designer or engineer to bounce ideas with?

Your ultimate list without the money to truly do it could prove the creative catalyst to the ultimate classes still this term. Let me know how those classes now turn out!


This post is part of My Questioning Quest.


3 thoughts on “What If money was no object for your classes this term?

  1. I have found that our creativity and drive to make something happen actually can increase when constraints are placed upon us, but it is critical to have the opportunity to wonder without the constraints so that “adjacent possibilities” (a la David Culberhouse post) can occur.

  2. A question like this makes you realise that our percieved limitations can constrain even our ideas -creative or otherwise.

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