Why are more teachers not sharing their practice?

I am a nerd. I can admit that quite happily. I am a nerd that loves reading about education but particularly about learning. The learning that is happening right now in classrooms/learning spaces/field trips around the world.

I enjoy reading teacher blogs about all kinds of educational ponderings etc but particularly enjoy the blogs where teachers share their current practice. Whether it’s saying here’s a cool activity I tried, sharing some student progress or project outcomes or even reflecting on things that happened within their class recently.

Which leads me to the question, why are there not more teachers sharing? Every now and then I go through another push of trying to find more blogs to subscribe to but struggle to find many (particularly amongst Secondary teachers).

I agree wholeheartedly with Karen Melhuish-Spencer who at ICOT last year said “as educators we are morally obliged to share our practice for the benefit of our students.”

Why do teachers ignore this obligation? Is it fear of ridicule, attack, loss of power? Is it time?

I often get asked how I find the time to blog. It’s simple: I make the time because this is how I process my thoughts, reflect, make next step plans. By blogging it out, I am thinking about it and hopefully making a connection with a reader who might be able to suggest something else to try.

Hope you are also finding ways to share your practice.


This post is Day 30 of my Questioning Quest.


4 thoughts on “Why are more teachers not sharing their practice?

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