What if you were to stop one tradition/practice in your school?

In schools we are so often tweaking existing practices or structures whilst new ideas are also being implemented. Sit down in any staff room and you will quickly pick up on the latest thing to be introduced to the school.

When was the last time your school had discussions about what practices/structures/ideas/traditions have had their time and should be replaced? It’s easy to be seduced by the new but much harder to question the entrenched. Rather than piling idea upon idea, perhaps the focus needs to change. What if the harder questioning of current practices is actually the discussion that your school needs to progress?

This post is to catch up for Day 33 of My Question Quest.


2 thoughts on “What if you were to stop one tradition/practice in your school?

  1. The practise of telling students to harden up and not to dob. Only a few teachers still doing this thankfully. This is high on my list currently because of a bullying mess I uncovered on Friday. Now I get to take the four involved on camp for a week and hope it doesn’t explode on me.

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