Prototypes, Errors and Focus

Interesting day yesterday: figured out a way to make a prototype work, developed a 2nd prototype, discarded both prototypes for a list of questions.

We are currently evaluating and reviewing our module structures to check how they are working for student learning. Staff have completed an evaluation of these structures, the student evaluation survey closes today and as Specialised Learning Leaders we have added our thoughts and concerns.

Yesterday I took a new module structure idea drawn up by DP Di Cavallo and fellow SLL Kylee and spent time working out how it could work from a timetabling perspective. A few small adjustments to our module development process would make the idea work well.

I then spoke to Maurie and heard his perspective of the timetable idea and what he thought could happen. So, back to the laptop to draw up his idea into a timetable and then discussed our thoughts and concerns about this possible model.

Our SLL team then met and started by discussing how Idea 1 could work. Then I shared the model proposed by Maurie and we discussed the merits and pitfalls of both models.

At this stage we realised our fatal error in what we were doing (thanks Lisa for asking the question that stopped us in our tracks). We had jumped far too quickly to generating solutions without spending enough time focusing on the issues and purposes of changing. So back to the core we went.

Kylee, Lisa and I went back to the staff feedback and pulled out the core messages (such as how we had found 2 learning areas connecting far more authentically than 3 learning areas). Beside each of the issues we wrote the thoughts and perspectives of the SLL team on this specific issue. Then a 3rd column had concerns or questions we had about this.

We added the same from the student survey, whilst acknowledging that some students still had to complete the survey today.

This document is what we will feed into the Senior Leadership Team meeting on Monday when they begin their overall curriculum review. This will involve reviewing modules, hubs, projects and My Time. As an SLL group we now feel that what we are giving in from our perspective is a far more thoughtful, focused document that will have a better impact on any possible changes, rather than some quickly produced timetable ideas that may not have been thought through properly.

It was a great reminder to focus on the why first before jumping to solutions. Funny how we almost made the same mistake that we don’t like students making. Always focus on the important understandings before thinking about what happens next!


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