Immersion Data on Creativity and Innovation

Hi all,

Next week I am off to Google Teachers Academy in Sydney. I am focusing in on a moonshot around developing creativity and innovation across schools. I would really appreciate it if you could fill out this form to add to my Immersion data.


6 thoughts on “Immersion Data on Creativity and Innovation

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  3. The disruption of the given, the destruction of the taken (for granted), the denial of order – the joy of chaos. I define innovation as making a future from the entrails of the past and gifting it as a present to the participants

    but see other views here

  4. 1. innovation is the disruption of the social order to create new products, processes and services.
    2. Innovation could be taught better in New Zealand Schools through the integration of mentors and entrepreneurs from Startups
    3. Innovation needs to be lead, designed and championed by teachers – teachers are part of the solution to the problem of teaching innovation in NZ

  5. Innovation is made not taught

    Innovation is giving yourself the opportunity to fail spectacularly in the hope of succeeding in creating a life changing process product or paradigm’

    Innovation needs us to suspend our disbelief, turn off our device and commit to the project in hand

    Innovation is the creative process of this and every other age

    innovation uses the greatest minds of the past with the best brains in the room to create new ways of thinking doing and interacting

    Innovation is what we are selling, making and creating

    Innovation is the key to unlocking NZ the world and our kids potentials

    Innovation takes the past as a given, rejects the present and builds anew future, brighter, bolder and different

    Innovation challenges, disrupts, damages sows discord and panic in the established teh received the comfortable

    Innovation says why not, why not you, why not now – in this place in this time in this room

  6. My own personal idea of innovation is coming up with new stuff that’s really cool. And your definition of cool could be everybody wants some, maybe it’s an innovation that might make some commercial success. But innovation is anything that’s new and useful or fun.

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