An Alphabet of Inspiration

One of the great points I got out of Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon was that of your creative genealogy. Who are the people that inspire you, whose ideas have added to your creativity; whose ideas can be seen remixed in the work that you do?

So here is my attempt at a creative genealogy in the form of an A-Z of people inspiring me on twitter lately (with some tired Friday night liberties taken on how it works):

Austin Kleon: @AustinKleon Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, Newspaper Blackout

Bo Adams: @boadams1 Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at Mount Vernon School

Claire Amos: @ClaireAmosNZ DP at HPSS and my Critical Friend this year

Aaron Davis: @mrkrndvs Great edu blogger from Australia

Ewan McIntosh: @ewanmcintosh The man who set me off exploring Design Thinking

Everyone from Kiwi Foo: #kiwifoo the amazing cross-sector unconference

Grant Lichtman: @GrantLichtman for his writing, Hangouts and connections he shares

Chris Harte: @charte deep thinking on all things education with a great sense of humour

Matt Ives: @hunch_box Primary teacher in Wellington that I regularly learn from

Jon Andrews: @jca_1975 Director of Teaching and Learning at St. Pauls, Brisbane

Kimberly Barrs: @MissesArtech Amazingly talented Design and Robotics Teacher

Lisa Palmieri: @Learn21Tech  Design Thinker, Disruptor, taught me Rose, Bud, Thorn

Danielle Myburgh: @MissDtheTeacher Ridiculously talented and thoughtful

Nat Torkington: @gnat Start Up guru with a healthy obsession with improving NZ edu

Mark Osborne: @mosborne01 always knows just the right button to push people forward

Philippa Nicoll Antipas: @AKeenReader English teacher turned Design Thinking Post Grad Tutor

Right Question Institute: @RightQuestion Strategies for asking better questions

Daniel Raven Ellison: @DanRavenEllison Guerrilla Geographer, Explorer, provocation plus

Stephen Lethbridge: @stephen_tpk Principal at Taupaki School, Maker Ed guru

Tom Barrett: @tombarrett Design Thinking, Curiosity, thoughtful learning design

Maurie Abraham: @maurieabraham who is also my Principal and 2014 Critical Friend

Karen Melhuish Spencer: @VirtuallyKaren eLearning guru from Core Education

WickedDecentLearning: @WickedDecent English, Humanities, Design Thinking

Matthew R X Dentith: @HORansome Conspiracy Theories and critical thinking

Life 100 Years Ago: @life100yearsago daily tweets from NZ diaries, letters & newspapers

Zeina Chalich: @ZeinaChalich Thinking, Tinkering and Creativity in Australia


p.s. getting the links definitely put me over the 28 minute time limit for #28daysofwriting today!




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