Pursuing our Community Passions

Last week Lea Vellenoweth inspired our students by talking about pursuing their passions (see her blog post for what this talk covered). We followed this up in Hubs by creating bucket lists of what each student wanted to do or achieve in their lifetimes. To extend this further, we spent Friday’s extended Hub session working on a community bucket list – what is it that we as a community could achieve in the 4-5 years we are at school together?


They started off in Hubs brainstorming ideas of what they wanted to have done as a community before they leave school. Quick scrawlings on A3 resulted in many sheets looking like this:

20150529_150329 At this point, I got them back together and they shared an idea from each Hub. We then spoke about how many of the ideas shared thus far were achievable in a couple of weeks, we needed to get more ambitious with our dreams. So, we watched the Moonshot Thinking video to scale up some of our ideas:

Back to their Hubs for some time to generate more ambitious ideas! Then the students had 5 minutes to refine their ideas down to the best 5 to be shared with others.

Students were all given 2 different coloured post-its for giving feedback to other groups. Yellow for “I really like this idea because…” and Orange for “This idea would be better if…”. Leaving 1 student to help explain their ideas, the students then moved around viewing each other’s ideas and giving feedback to improve the possibilities.

As a Hub they could then adjust their ideas according to the feedback and put forward 3 ideas for the community to vote on for inclusion into the bucket list. I gathered these votes all up and wrote the top 10 ideas onto the Community Bucket List:

The Taheretikitiki Bucket List

The Taheretikitiki Bucket List

I am most looking forward to building the giant house of Lego and getting involved in the Hoverboard design and prototyping (I mean come on, Back to the Future promised me I would have one by now!). As for the Cats on Rice Music Video, the idea came from Heemi’s Hub so I’m leaving that one up to him.

This Bucket List now takes pride of place as you enter our community to remind us of the goals we have set with each other for the next few years. Looks like a fun few years ahead!




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