2016: The Year for Balance


2015 was a great year professionally for me. It contained many highlights in school, some great conferences, an epic year as an eFellow and ended with me getting a new job as a Deputy Principal. So, how do you follow that up?

To follow this up, I will be focusing on one word to help guide me in 2016: BALANCE.

Whilst 2015 was great professionally, it was quite a tough one on the home front with a sick son. So a BALANCE of awesomeness between work and home would be very welcome in 2016.

I have written before of the saying Warm and Demanding. I will be looking to maintain the right BALANCE in this for 2016 as I do have a tendency towards the demanding side with colleagues.

Starting my first job in Senior Leadership this year I will be working hard to keep the advice from my new Principal, Steve Bovaird, fresh in my mind: keep the BALANCE between your management roles and leadership roles. I know that the leadership roles around elearning and professional development will be the parts I get excited about, but it is vital to keep on top of the management roles as well. Without that foundation, there is almost no point in the leadership stuff.

As my main focus in Term 1 will be getting to deeply understand my new school – knowing the staff, students and community well. I will need to keep a BALANCE of sharing my ideas with truly observing and listening to the people already there.

So, rather than a list of aims or resolutions for the year. My guide for 2016 will be the word BALANCE.

p.s. are you impressed I wrote a whole post on Balance without referring to the Force at all!


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