Three Thought Sparks

A bit of a different post to my usual ones where I unpack things going on. In this post I simply want to share 3 things that have sparked thoughts for me this week.


These sparks are on very different topics but have all kicked my brain into overdrive at different times this week. Enjoy:

A Spark To Listen To

As part of the #edchatnz MOOC, there was a webinar this week where Danielle Myburgh interviewed Keri Facer on educational futures, technology and social change. I missed the live webinar but thankfully Danielle recorded it. I listened to the audio version the next day and my mind is still racing. The recording is only available while the MOOC is still going, so listen to it here while you still can!

A Spark To Watch

There are so many lists out there about what we “should” be aiming for our students to develop as 21st Century learners. What I like about this new video from Let It Ripple is that the skills it says we need to flourish are essentially the things that make us human. (Thanks Derek Wenmoth for sharing this).

A Spark To Read

The news has been really focused on the case of the Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted a woman and has received a (dismal/pathetic/disgustingly short) 6 month sentence. If you have not read the full statement that the victim read out in court, you REALLY MUST. It is one of the most powerful things I have ever read. As a parent, a teacher and a human, it left me wondering how we could get everyone to have read this and thought about the messages within by the time they are 18. Read it here.


These 3 things have sparked many thoughts for me this week. So, choose a spark by it’s content or by what you feel like doing now – watch, read or listen. Whichever you choose (or if you engage with all of them) I hope there is something here that sparks thoughts and actions of your own.


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