Daring to Dream

The new logo for AGE School

This blog has been quiet for the last few months as I have jumped feet first into leading a new school. In January of 2019, I started as Principal of a start-up school in Takapuna, Auckland. The school had started in 2018, discovered the challenge of opening a new school and ended the year doing some work on re-visioning what they were really about. This new vision aligned perfectly with my view of education and so I leapt at the chance to take on the Principal role. Term 1 has seen rebranding to match the vision, a new website designed, curriculum structures developed, a learning model created and many evolutions of our timetable as we strive to create the best educational experience possible for our students.

Getting to live my dream

Now that a lot of the initial ground work has been completed, I’m excited to start sharing with you all our journey as we develop and grow our school.

With a purpose statement of “To create a place where we love to learn and dare to dream”, AGE has a clear vision of what we are creating.

Our small nurturing environment and high teacher to student ratio means that we don’t need to cater to the masses like most schools. We get to know each student deeply and personalise the learning so that it is meaningful for them.

By connecting foundational concepts and skills to students own interests, we spark curiosity and enable students to connect their learning to real world experiences. By taking on real world challenges, and allowing time for deep thinking, we equip students with both knowledge and social emotional capabilities. This empowers learners to thrive academically, enjoy better well-being and develop the skills needed by our future communities and industries to succeed.

We all know the TED talks, articles and viral videos that say how schools need to change to match up to the future our society is facing. I look forward to sharing with you, how we are doing exactly that at AGE.


3 thoughts on “Daring to Dream

  1. Think you mean a high teacher to student ratio, or low student to teacher. High student to teacher means lots of kids and few teachers! Sounds like you are having fun

    • Haha, thanks Robin – fixed that up now. It is definitely an interesting experience! Some really fun days and some days where you end up doing everything except what you had in your calendar

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