Guerrilla Poetry

April is National Poetry Writing Month in the United States where people are challenged to write a new poem every day of the month (see more about it here). You can also follow peoples efforts on twitter through the hashtag #NaPoWriMo.

I thought I might propose a different challenge for the month. Choose a landscape near you and write a short poem about that landscape. Then publish it in that landscape: paint it, write it on the concrete with chalk, write your poem on paper and stick it up somehow, record it and place an audio player in that area. Just get the poem into the place it is about so it may prompt others to think about the place/landscape in a different way.

So there you have it, a Guerrilla Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Writing Month


3 thoughts on “Guerrilla Poetry

  1. Steve, what a wonderful way to flip around something that could possibly be ineffective to something that is multi media and creative on so many levels. When I saw the challenge of a poem a day for a month I envisioned a whole collections of ok poetry, but maybe not amazing poems that have been taken to the next level.
    With my class I think that I will read a quality poem each day and then work towards crafting 1 or 2 poems over the month.
    I wonder if you could add an audio file to a google earth like you can with a snapshot?
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Thanks Luke, I am a big fan of the writing process. It is important to give students time to craft something worthy – but after seeing Ewan McIntosh at ICOT I also think their early efforts should be saved and shown at the end of the month with their final poems. That way they can see how far they have come. I look forward to seeing how your students go!

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