Guerrilla Poetry

April is National Poetry Writing Month in the United States where people are challenged to write a new poem every day of the month (see more about it here). You can also follow peoples efforts on twitter through the hashtag #NaPoWriMo.

I thought I might propose a different challenge for the month. Choose a landscape near you and write a short poem about that landscape. Then publish it in that landscape: paint it, write it on the concrete with chalk, write your poem on paper and stick it up somehow, record it and place an audio player in that area. Just get the poem into the place it is about so it may prompt others to think about the place/landscape in a different way.

So there you have it, a Guerrilla Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Writing Month


Guerrilla Geography as Hacking a Place

Last night I was privileged to have been invited to tell a story at a Live Storytelling event at National Library. There were 5 stories told around the theme of “Over the Edge.” I was invited to speak based upon an Ignite talk I gave last year on Guerrilla Geography. This session was all about oral storytelling and was a great event with bean bags and chairs sat around a fake campfire which created a lovely atmosphere for sharing stories.

What follows is what I wrote to prepare for the evening. The actual story told diverted in places as I got wound up with the story but the general gist was this:

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