HPSS Modules Iteration 2

We are currently completing the second iteration of our module development and selection process. Personally, I believe that our great Term 1 Modules have been given far more relevance and rigour this time round through the introduction of small refinements to our process.

The concept for Term 2 is Place and Space and each Learning Area, when planning over the 2 year framework, had already designated their threshold concepts and skills for this:

Term 2 Threshold Concepts and Core Skills

Term 2 Threshold Concepts and Core Skills

The module design process this time started with student voice. Representatives from each Hub met to say what they had learned previously about Space and Place and to provide ideas of what students would like to learn about. Their ideas poured out and a 4 page document was then shared with staff to provide a 2nd launching pad to the designated concepts and skills.

Each Learning Area then met together to discuss the possibilities this term when focusing on their specific aims and how the student voice ideas matched. This would allow the focus skills and concepts to be presented in a way that was relevant to our students.

We then met in our cross-curricular learning teams to create the combinations that would be collaborating on the modules. Another new iteration this term is that Di Cavallo (the DP in charge of Learning Design) had mapped out which 2 Learning Areas would be the lead focus each term to help ensure coverage over the 2 years. This meant that each Big Module this term would have Science and Maths but the group would decide who the 3rd collaborator was.

In one of our Friday morning PD sessions at this time, Di and Lisa (one of my fellow Specialised Learning Leaders) ran a workshop on collaborative planning and writing learning objectives using our Learning Design Model.

HPSS Learning Design Model

HPSS Learning Design Model

This workshop was great and led to a huge improvement in the information given to students for choosing their modules. The module selection booklet now had decreased space for the descriptions and the learning objectives added in beside them. After feedback from parents in Term 1 we also included the Learning Areas involved. These made a huge impact as seen in the course descriptions below:

Term 1 Big Modules (concept was Identity):


Term 2 Big Modules:


For me, there is added rigour to these initial plans and by more open sharing with students and their whanau we are creating a more powerful starting point for modules to be selected.

The full module booklet can be viewed by clicking here.

The module selections are due in by the end of Wednesday which has allowed 6 days for students to discuss the options with teachers, Hub Coaches and their whanau. Our Individual Education Meetings were held today so at the same time as celebrating the successes of Term 1 and setting goals for Term 2 we were able to discuss how the module options fit in with these.

Overall, a more rigorous and relevant module selection this time around. The lead Learning Areas each term will assist the concerns around ensuring coverage and we are also trying to balance the selections so that students will take no more than 2 modules from each area. The tension between personalisation and curriculum coverage continues but Module Selection Iteration 2 seems a strong reiteration to me.


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