My Questioning Quest

It’s time to set myself a challenge. I have been reading A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger (which I highly recommend) and have been struck by the fact that to develop questioning in students we need to model how we use questioning.

I then read this great post by Bo Adams which asks some fantastic What If questions about school structures and systems. Inspired by this I started to think that I could emulate Philippa Nicoll Antipas100 Days of Learning by asking a question every day.

In sharing this thought online, Bo shared with me a challenge he completed 2 years ago doing this exact same thing! He set the following as his challenge:

So, my challenge is to pose a question a day on my blog each day in July and August. These are all going to educational in nature and I will explain what has prompted the question or possibly what my initial thoughts are in the post. But, these thoughts have to restrained to 60 words. Thanks to Warren, Bo and Philippa for provoking this quest!

I am going to publish this Questioning Quest as separate posts so that we can engage in discussion about the question in the comments section. Me posing the question is a start but the learning for me (and anyone else who stumbles across the posts) will come from the discussions that they may hopefully provoke.

Hope you join me from tomorrow on my quest!


39 thoughts on “My Questioning Quest

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