If new technology is used in the same way as old technology, the pedagogy ‘wineskin’ is likely to fail

Steve Wheeler – Learning with ‘e’s


In my last blog post I wrote a narrative of my day shadowing a Year 10 student. This was a real highlight of my first term as a senior leader. This post shares some of the questions that I have either been grappling with or am about to start grappling with in my role as DP. Some of these developed out of reflecting on my day shadowing, many of them emerged from other events throughout the term.


How might we build upon the great content learning to develop more autonomous learners?

What if students didn’t all move through lessons at the same pace?

How might student understanding be checked in ways that don’t stop progress with learning?

How might we utilise BYOD to enable a more constructivist approach to learning?

How might we empower students to collaborate more in their learning?

How might we use our knowledge of our students to enable better differentiation?

How might authentic issues provide rich learning experiences all year round?

How might we become more culturally responsive in our pedagogy?

How might we use BYOD to transform our pedagogy?

What if students were allowed to charge their devices during the day?

What if parents and families were engaged more deeply in planning school events?

How might we truly engage families in the whole learning process?

How might we provide a rich learning environment?


I think this also shows one of my biggest learning curves as a senior leader so far: the sheer number of things you need to keep working on at once. You cannot just focus on one task all day, as it means one of the other balls you are juggling could drop! Thanks to those who have guided, supported, listened and inspired me over my first term.



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