2018 – a year to be Optimistic

After a wonderful summer with my family and plenty of time to reflect on last year, I have set myself some targets for 2018. While doing so, I stumbled upon people sharing their “One Word” for the year. I had done this in 2016 as I strived for Balance. This year, my one word will be: OPTIMISTIC.

I fell into the trap of being too critical last year. Too often, I was dwelling on negatives and things which weren’t happening the way I would like. Yet, I look back on 2017 and see that we started collaborative inquiries, launched a Life Skills programme for our Yr 13 students (looking at ideas like financial literacy, consent, digital footprints, time management etc.), made great progress on re-visioning what learning should look like in our school and started working with the 21st Century Skills Lab on how we can better develop our students’ socio-emotional skills. These were all big steps forward as a school and we had plenty of other highlights as well.

Normally, I would have been excited about these changes but for some reason I was caught in a negative mind-frame for much of the year. This is quite unlike me and it extended to other parts of my life as well. My partner spoke to me over the break about how I needed to get back to being the real me. The me that bounces out of bed in the morning excited about what the day may bring. The me that earned the nickname of Excited Puppy from colleagues in the team I worked in a couple of years ago.

With that in mind, I decided that 2018 will be the year that I get back to being optimistic. What I like about Optimistic is that it means I will have to stay active. In those slog moments that will inevitably occur, rather than passively hoping that things will improve, I will actively find ways to make things shift forward again.

So now I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in 2018, as I approach the world with an optimistic mind-frame.


2 thoughts on “2018 – a year to be Optimistic

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  2. Good on you Steve. Glad to hear you’re starting the year in a positive way. It’s tough going when things aren’t as progressive as you’d like, but I’m sure your bubbly enthusiasm will rub off on others soon. All the best for the year ahead.

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