#edchatnz Reading Room

Last year I shared a weekly reading with staff at my school to provoke thinking. As this was quite successful and lead to many great discussions, my good friend & #edchatnz founder Danielle Myburgh has asked me to share a weekly reading for #edchatnz. I hope that many of you will join us in the #edchatnz Reading Room this year, reading, sharing and commenting so we can all push our thinking forward together.

Also, if you read anything mind blowing, please share it with me so I can feature it!


Active Citizenship

This term on Mondays I teach a Big Module called Take Action with Bryce and Martin. We have joined our subject areas of Social Sciences, PE/Health and Technology around the ideas each area has on taking action to influence society. Monday this week was the best day’s teaching I have ever had on developing students’ citizenship. There were aspects of digital citizenship, elections and other forms of taking action on issues in society. Continue reading