A Reason to be Hairy

One of my favourite times of year is November. The reason it is also my partner’s least favourite time of year is that most Novembers I take part in Movember. It is great fun but more importantly raises awareness and funding for Men’s health issues (thanks to Stuart Birch for sharing this great example of what the funds go towards).

This is a great reason to take part. Sure, looking back on my daughter’s birthday photos makes for funny viewing (as her birthday is in the last week of November), I get people watching me closely as the guy with a dodgy Mo walks by and it can get irritating over the last weeks but it goes to a good cause.

That said, please make it worth my while to look like I do below and sponsor my effort at this link: http://mobro.co/stevemouldey

My Movember effort so far

My Movember effort so far