NZ Geography Olympiad Team

I spent the end of last week at a training camp for the New Zealand Geography Olympiad team. The team of 4 students head to Kyoto, Japan, for the International Geography Olympiad (iGeo) at the end of July. Anna Wilson (@Willssoooonnn) and I are the team leaders and the four students are:

  • Max Cameron (John McGlashan College)
  • Isaac Severinsen (Otumoetai College)
  • Rock Steele (Takapuna Grammar School)
  • Brittany Vining (Palmerston North Girls High School)

They will take on 34 countries in a fieldwork assignment and report plus written and multimedia tests to see what Medals they can gain. There is also a non-medal competition of a Poster on the theme of “Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge for the Future.” You can keep up with how the team is going in the lead up and during iGeo at and can help support their fundraising efforts at .

They are a great bunch who have gelled well as a group and I really look forward to seeing how they go in Japan. The training continues with lots of reading to do and a competitive spreadsheet being kept with our GeoGuessr scores!