Ask fm advice for parents

Like most secondary schools we have had lots of our students using and some of those students being negatively affected by the responses to the questions. Today we are sending out a letter to all the parents of Year 9 and 10 giving them advice on how to help their students stay safe online, but particularly in regards to

I used these 2 websites (very) liberally in producing the letter:

(thanks to @NEAL_Education for the 2nd link)

Here’s what we sent:

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How we use Facebook

This post was prompted by #GeoEdChat this week where many of the participants used social media with their classes but I was the only one using facebook.

Our Department facebook page was started in 2009 (2 years before I joined the school). This decision was made as our students were already all on facebook so it provided a ready means of communication. The page was created as a person that they could become friends with. Students could then share field trip photos by tagging us in or posting on our page. The Department could also communicate with students with important meetings set up as events, reminders about forms as our status and an easy way to share resources such as links to revision videos. Students have also used it to ask questions when studying at home and requesting extra tutorial sessions. This page has also helped with students who want to be friends with teachers online. It provides a way for them to get that interaction without getting access to teachers personal holiday photos etc. Continue reading