What If you reframed your school speech competition as a TEDx event?

We started Term 3 today with a Teacher Only Day, focusing on developing SOLO rubrics for our courses this term. Initially in Learning Area groups unpacking success criteria and writing rubrics so we have a common grounding across all courses and then in our cross-curricular teaching teams.

At one stage I found myself sitting listening in on the English teachers conversation about their rubric for Speaking which is a focus this term. The only previous time (not an English teacher so not part of my day to day focus!) I have heard teachers discussing this was to do with school speech competitions.

Then today’s question hit me: What If a school speech competition was reframed as a TEDx event?

Would it mean more entries? Does it change the criteria that teachers would use? Would students be more excited about it? Would they be more willing to share their passions and interests? Does it mean that you would invite more audience in? How does this change things? Would other students be more or less interested in watching the speeches?

No answers today, but lots of questions bounding around in my head!


This post is part of my Questioning Quest.