Designing and Causing Learning

Wednesday morning as a staff we focused on what the learning will look like at Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

I shared a blog post by Grant Wiggins entitled Beyond teacher egocentrism: design thinking which is absolutely brilliant and provokes teachers to think of themselves as just one element that influences learning. This had really struck a chord for me and so I was rapt to see the rest of our staff enjoying the reading as well.

There are lots of good points in this blog but one line that sticks out for me and was mentioned by others in our discussions was:

we are in the business of designing and causing learning instead of merely in the business of teaching

Our activity focused on what Grant sees as the conditions necessary for optimal engagement and active learning to occur. Staff were broken into pairs or 3s to think about what that condition will look like for our specific context of HPSS. Below are the conditions and what we believe they look like for us: Continue reading


Live Below The Line

From Monday to Friday this week I will be living on $2.25 a day to cover my food. This is part of Live Below the Line, an event to help raise awareness and money for the organisations working to end global poverty. I am supporting Oxfam NZ who do great work here in NZ as well as through the Pacific and SE Asia.

So I don’t clog up this blog with my progress, I will post my thoughts over the week on my Live Below the Line profile page. You can visit it here to see my progress and even donate to the cause if you would like to.

With this challenge going on this week, the ERO visit should be a cinch!