Live Below The Line

From Monday to Friday this week I will be living on $2.25 a day to cover my food. This is part of Live Below the Line, an event to help raise awareness and money for the organisations working to end global poverty. I am supporting Oxfam NZ who do great work here in NZ as well as through the Pacific and SE Asia.

So I don’t clog up this blog with my progress, I will post my thoughts over the week on my Live Below the Line profile page. You can visit it here to see my progress and even donate to the cause if you would like to.

With this challenge going on this week, the ERO visit should be a cinch!


Walking the Talk

We have been spending the last couple of weeks talking about our vision for what dispositions (or Hobsonville Habits) we would like our students to develop. These have included things like Integrity, Contributive and Purposeful. Discussions have also included our core principles such as ‘Inspire through deep challenge and inquiry.

Then I heard about the event “Live Below the Line” and decided it was about time I started to ‘Walk the Talk’.

I saw a news article about the event and got interested so looked up the website and found:

The challenge?
Spend 5 days feeding yourself with $2.25 a day – the New Zealand equivalent of the extreme poverty line.

The reason?
To give a glimpse into the lives of 1.2 billion people who have no choice but to live below the line every day – and who have to make $2.25 cover a lot more than food…

Live Below the Line is an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, an education and campaigning organisation whose mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action against extreme poverty.

Now this to me was all about deep challenge and being contributive. If we can sit around talking about these dispositions, we certainly should be role modelling them as well! So, I have now signed up and have also convinced some of the others here at Hobsonville Point to sign up as well.

$2.25 a day will not be easy, but I really look forward to working out how to meet the challenge! It would be awesome if you joined in as well but also great if you would sponsor me and my efforts here: