Hacking Places Presentation for #TeachMeetNZ

Today I finally took part in a #TeachMeetNZ but at the same time I presented, I was also at my daughter’s swimming lesson! Sonya had asked me to take part previously but I have always found 2pm on a Saturday difficult as it is full on family time for us. This time I thought – could I video my slides ahead of time so it could be shared in that way and Sonya loved the idea!

Here’s the presentation I gave on Hacking Places:

but if you have the time I really recommend that you try to check out the full #TeachMeetNZ so you can see all the talks on Helping students with hearing impairment (@kathyscott25), learning dialogues on Google Docs (@hunch_box), Minecraft (@mrwoodnz), Learning Focused Relationships (@MsBeenz) &  Social Media in MLE (@robclarke) :



HPSS Discovery Day

Yesterday our staff had a day out provoking minds before we plan our modules for next year. We started off at the National Library building in Auckland where we undertook some cross-curricular Guerrilla Geography (or Place Hacking) before moving inside to do some Design Thinking workshops. Lunch was at the Mind Lab in Newmarket before an afternoon Robotics challenge.

It was an awesome day out and will hopefully help everyone hit the planning next week with an adventurous mindset!

For more details on our day – here’s a Storify of tweets sent during our day: