Hacking Places Presentation for #TeachMeetNZ

Today I finally took part in a #TeachMeetNZ but at the same time I presented, I was also at my daughter’s swimming lesson! Sonya had asked me to take part previously but I have always found 2pm on a Saturday difficult as it is full on family time for us. This time I thought – could I video my slides ahead of time so it could be shared in that way and Sonya loved the idea!

Here’s the presentation I gave on Hacking Places:

but if you have the time I really recommend that you try to check out the full #TeachMeetNZ so you can see all the talks on Helping students with hearing impairment (@kathyscott25), learning dialogues on Google Docs (@hunch_box), Minecraft (@mrwoodnz), Learning Focused Relationships (@MsBeenz) &  Social Media in MLE (@robclarke) :