#EdJourney Part 1

Snip20150128_1   I recently finished reading a wonderful book by Grant Lichtman called #EdJourney. This book is the result of an 89 day trip in which he visited 64 schools and interviewed over 600 people on educational innovation and the future of schools. Part One of the book is on roadblocks to change and innovation in schools and then gives examples of how schools he visited have overcome these. The four major obstacles found were:

  • Time (the most common)
  • People (risk, fear and growth mindset)
  • Leadership
  • Structure

Each of these are discussed in a chapter and also gives examples of how schools have overcome each of these. Continue reading


Design Thinking Discussion

Last week, as part of Connected Educators Month, I organised a Hangout on Design Thinking. Design Thinking has become quite a buzzword lately with many more teachers investigating it as an approach, The aim of this Hangout was to have both Primary and Secondary educators from New Zealand (Kimberly Barrs and myself), Australia (Zeina Chalich and Tim Osborne) and the United States (Mary Cantwell, Lisa Abel-Palmieri and Dan Ryder) discussing what it adds to their classroom, how they got started and what others should do to get started.

Here’s how the awesomeness unfolded:



Searching for Elegant Solutions

I recently read The Falconer by Grant Lichtman and thoroughly encourage each of you to do the same!

2014-04-03 17.10.58


It really pulled some thought threads together for me and I found myself nodding away and tweeting quotes the whole way through the book. I had read the book to try and find ways to take Design Thinking from a process to a mindset and it has absolutely helped me to do this.

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